You’re Worth More Than You Think

Yesterday I was talking with my board treasurer at FINDINGbalance (my day job). We were having a conversation about salaries for some new hires, and as we tossed around numbers, I shared what I thought those applying for the positions might need financially. With passion in her voice, Bev stopped me in my tracks.

“We need to establish what the job itself is worth. Not what the applicant needs to make,” she said. “It’s this kind of thinking that had led to men making so much more money than women in the workplace. People assume the guy needs more to support his family.”

And the women are afraid to say what they really need, I thought to myself. Because we don’t feel like we should need, at least not if what we need will in any way burden someone else.

No, thank you, we think. We’ll just take whatever you can spare. We may resent you on the inside later, but don’t worry, we’re pretty good at turning the resentment back to ourselves in the end. Because the truth is that we are bad, we don’t deserve anything more than we have, and living with unmet needs is just our lot in life.


I am worth more than my low estimation of myself, and so are you. As former Superchick front-woman T R I C I A sings on her new album Radiate, “Jesus died for who you are, not who you want to be.”

My fellow women, we must awaken from the fog we’ve been living in, so buried in our fear of not being good enough that we mindlessly shift through life doing less, having less, and being less than who we were created to be.

You were created to reflect God’s beauty. You don’t have to create your own based on changing media standards.

God created food and your body for your pleasure and his glory. Not as something to be at war with.

You are called to share God’s love with those who are downcast. You can’t do this if you assume the same posture.

He values you above rubies.

He loves you regardless of your clothing size.

He’s not waiting for you to get it right. But each time you do, he will celebrate, knowing that shame is losing its grip.

We can do this, my fellow warrior-chicks! It’s time to rise up. To be who we were created to be. To take the world by storm, for the only Man worth serving – our Lord (and friend) Jesus Christ.

Can I hear an amen?

2 thoughts on “You’re Worth More Than You Think

  1. “You are called to share God’s love with those who are downcast. You can’t do this if you assume the same posture.”

    Brilliant thought! Loved this blog, Constance!

  2. I echo Amy, those words kept ringing throughout my week. Also that God isn’t “waiting” for us to get it right but celebrates when we do. Thank you for these much needed words, Constance!

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