My (Latest) Journey Begins Today The story of a girl whose butt hurts but she is glad for the reason why...

My journey begins today. That’s not exactly true – it really began 45 years, 4 months, and four days ago, when I was born to Karen and Dan, just 17 and 19 when I came into the world. But this story isn’t about THAT beginning. Or the many beginnings I’ve had since. It’s about the one I’m starting today.

The one that starts with once again giving permission to my creative side to come out and play…

I’ve been a busy, productive girl since last August. That’s when the kids went back to school and I could once again immerse myself in work that keeps me running too fast to take inventory of my feelings. This was particularly helpful at the time because I was dealing with the cancellation of my More Than a Number book and I wasn’t dealing with it very well.

I’ll write about that more later.

For now I want to tell you about what I did today. Because this “memoir in real-time” concept is not so much about past experiences but present understandings of them. The reality of life RIGHT NOW.

Right now, my butt hurts.

I’ve been sitting in this hard chair at my desk since 9 am today, and I’m feeling the effects of it. If you look closely in the photo (which I clearly didn’t edit or stage), you can even see my butt prints in the chair. But I’m happy, too, because for once the pain in my rear is not because I’ve been slaving away checking tasks off my list, but because I’ve been completely engrossed in building this brand new website and blog.

The old one was boring, and I needed something new to kick me back into creative gear. And now (I think) it’s nearly there. And for the first time since November I’m actually writing something for no purpose other than to exercise the creative part of me that so often starves in my pursuit of productivity. I’m not even worrying (that much) about making my writing sound great. That’s not the point. Not for this.

In 24 minutes the kids will come crashing through the door and we’ll go pick up the kitties who got neutered today and then come home and have after-school snack, and then dinner, and then I’ll rush to church for choir, and then we’ll have bedtime snack, and bedtime, and tomorrow it will all start over again, and I’ll have to get back to the “real” work at hand.

For now, though, I’m celebrating this not-so-small victory of getting this not-so-amazing and yet oh-so-liberating post live, because now I’ve got something to build on. And somewhere to go from here…

(PS. Did you notice my office buddy?)

Join Me?

Post your own small victories below. I’d love to read about them.

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