“The chronic quest to achieve and maintain a certain ‘look’ or weight seems universal. Far more often than I would have liked, I heard myself whispering ‘me too…’ as these pages turned. Constance Rhodes has bravely stared down her cage and by inviting us into her closet, her refrigerator, her bedroom and her brokenness, she’s loosened the bars for the rest of us. A bravely transparent work.” – Nichole Nordeman, award winning recording artist (cover endorsement for Life Inside the Thin Cage)

It’s always refreshing to hear from someone who is passionate about addressing the struggles we women face with an honesty and transparency that inspires all of us to do the same, and to believe that freedom is possible. Constance Rhodes is such a speaker. – Elisa Morgan, Former CEO, MOPS International, Publisher, FullFill, Bestselling Author

What saturates all of what Constance does is a brilliant authenticity that leaves audiences transformed. If you’re itchy for life that really is life, Constance is the woman who can lead you there.Margot Starbuck, Author, The Girl in the Orange Dress and Unsqueezed: Springing Free from Skinny Jeans, Nose Jobs, Highlights and Stilettos

Constance is a dynamic communicator who challenges others to consider how new attitudes and actions can help resolve old problems and wounds. She speaks from experience and her message is penetrating. When I heard her speak in Nashville, she connected with her audience in such a way that before she was done many of them had changed their minds about food, weight and the struggle women face to accept their bodies. She is a bright new voice for a transformed generation. – Stephen Arterburn, Founder, New Life Ministries & Women of Faith; Co-Author, Every Man’s Battle

Constance speaks from the heart! While her knowledge of disordered eating and chronic dieting includes thorough research of the topic, what makes her message unique is the way she invites others into her personal experience with honesty and transparency. She is a warm and caring voice for all who struggle to find balance in their approach to eating and self-image. – Yvette Maher, Former VP, Women’s Ministry, Focus on the Family

I’m a big fan of Constance Rhodes because I’ve seen firsthand her unique ability to connect with women in a fresh way. An articulate communicator, it is her transparency and ability to leave audiences with “aha” moments that have earned her a place alongside some of today’s most relevant voices. – Bill Dallas, Author, Lessons from San Quentin: Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Prison

Thank You for a great curriculum! With the DVDs and the workbook, the Finding Balance class is perfect! We will find nothing else like it out there, I know. It has brought out our strengths and helped us strengthen our weaknesses as leaders. We all grew so much and are so happy to have done the course together! – Amy, Cheryl, Marilyn, Georga, Becky, Sherry, and Alice, San Jose, CA