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It can be easy to believe that our value hinges on numbers, and when we do, we become a slave to them, fighting a losing battle for control of our lives. In this presentation, I share about my own battle with numbers over the years. From weight to achievements to how many people like me on social media, I am continually learning about the freedom that comes from recognizing that I am more than a number. Like me, you have value far beyond any human measure. Once you recognize and really live that truth, you can begin to live a life of balance and peace, and invest your time, talent and treasure in building a Kingdom bigger than your own.

IDEAL LENGTH: 35 minutes including a live performance of the ># theme song (see video below). I can make this shorter or stretch it longer, according to your needs.

THEMES COVERED: Identity, Value, Health and Wellness, Abstinence, Eating and Body Image, Social Justice

OPTIONAL BREAKOUTS: Please note that I try to limit breakouts to one per engagement. This allows me to serve you at full capacity without getting burned out. (Balance in action…)

  1. “Body Image Bingo” – a fun way to explore the numbers we allow to define us, and the truth that sets us free.
  2. “Food and the Body” – first presented at Saddleback’s Gathering for Mental Health and the Church, this presentation features vivid powerpoints to help you learn the facts about eating and body image issues, what causes them, and how you can be part of the freedom God wants for all who struggle.

GOAL(S): Recognize how we tie our value to different numbers; be challenged to discover the opportunity we have to help others escape being trapped by numbers and/or statistics (social justice element).

COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL TIE-IN: Whenever possible, I partner with Compassion International to provide the opportunity for child-sponsorship at the event. We can talk details on this when we connect. If it’s not a fit for you, that’s ok. But if it is, we’ll do great things together to rescue kiddos all over the world.

THE SONG BEHIND THE ># MOVEMENT: We shot this in Kenya and Nashville. It captures the story of two girls of very different situations who both need to know they are more than a number.


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