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In 2013 I got to travel to Kenya with our friends at Compassion International and shoot a music video for a song I wrote on the theme of More Than a Number. There are a lot of "numbers" we rely on to measure our value - our 'enoughness'. What I wanted to capture in this particular video was the dichotomy of a young woman whose life is ruled by a specific type of number - her weight - and a young girl who longs to know she's more than a statistic about poverty and slavery. I love performing this live at speaking dates when possible, whether with or without the video playing behind me.


Compassion videoWatch the video. Join the movement... I have partnered with Compassion International to launch a campaign on the "More Than a Number" theme. The scary truth is that while we're spending $62 billion/yr. on diets in this country, 6 million children are dying of starvation. Diets don't work. Feeding kids does. Would you consider joining me in "shifting" dollars to help end world hunger? Click the image to learn more about how you can join my campaign and get your own ">#" necklace like the one in the video.


In May of 2016 I turned in my manuscript for "More Than a Number: Why Who You Are is Already Enough", which was to have been published by a well-known Christian publisher. "Heart in throat," I wrote in my email to my editor, because it was the bravest writing I'd ever done. And I knew it was risky.

Instead of presenting answers to questions of shame, value and purpose, I invited the reader into my personal journey toward discovering them for myself. And I did it in what I thought was a compelling way, the same that inspired the "memoir in real-time" blog I'm doing here.

It didn't fly.

The book was canceled.

I'm still not sure what's next...

What I do know is that writing that book helped me grow in ways I'm still trying to cling to, because during the season I was writing I was more integrated with myself than I had ever been before. That is to say, my right-brain and left-brain strengths were working together, instead of creativity going by the wayside in the face of productivity.

It was an amazing feeling, and I hope to feel it again.

So who knows - maybe the book will still see the light of day. I hope so. Just waiting for God to give me the grace to reopen the wound. I'm not there yet, but I'll let you know when that changes.

His timing is perfect...